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Mobile Monet

The Apple Apps Store is filled with numerous programs that someone can use to unleash his/her creativity.  The introduction of the iPad with it’s large screen footprint even fueled the growth in the number of these apps.  It was fun editing ones’ photos or painting a picture in the small screen of the iPhone – but with the 10 inch screen of the iPad – it just becomes less eye straining.

The latest application that caught our attention is called Mobile Monet.  It had a 60% introductory sale which means right – now it’s a 99 cent app.  It is actually an iPhone app which you can just expand on the iPad.   Basically – it’s an application which allows the user to transform their photos into sketches.  Previous applications like these actually keep to just being black and white.  With the Mobile Monet – the user can paint  colors into the sketch.

These pictures will illustrate:



Black and White Sketch

iPad Magic 065

Colored Sketch

iPad Magic 064

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