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Passed Out in Tokyo

I checked out of the hotel early on Saturday morning so I can meet up with my family.  It was 5:00 AM Tokyo time.  As I walk out of my room – the distinct noise of someone’s snoring can be heard on the hallway.  I found that odd because the walls of the room are pretty much sound proof.   As my luggage and I walk towards the Elevators, I found where the sound was coming from:

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There was a man passed out by the elevators and his snore was so loud it’s similar to the sound of a ship.   I can totally understand how someone can end up like him in Tokyo.  If this man’s week is like mine, business meetings would have ended up in dinners where alcohol is served liberally.  The Japanese men will challenge you to a drinking contest.   If you are wise – you will swallow your pride, be mindful of your limits and tell your Japanese host that you’ve reached your limit for the night.  I did have a lot of sake and Japanese beer – but I know that I had to work the next day so I kept myself hydrated while drinking the liquor.  I also told my guests that I cannot drink as much as they could.

Upon check out, I informed the Concierge that they have a man passed out by the elevator lobby of our floor.  He didn’t seem surprised.  I think he’s used to Gaijins finding themselves not being able to reach their rooms after a nigh/morning of revelry in Tokyo.

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