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We had to leave Manila early on Friday morning to get to Clark, Pampanga.  The car’s plate number ends in nine (9) – which means it can’t be on the Metro Manila roads beyond seven.  Planning doesn’t start till 8:30 – so leaving the city at 5:30 AM means we can have breakfast in Angeles.

One of the queens spent some months working in Clark.  While living there, she discovered one of the favorite breakfast place for the BPO employees in the area.  I’m referring to Rumpa’s in Balibago.  When we mentioned this to our company’s General Manager – he said that the owner is his best friend.  He also corrected our pronunciation.   It should be called: “Room-pa”.  We call it “Rhum-pa”.

For this Friday morning, I had Ham and Cheese Omelet.  Nothing special with the dish.  We also ordered the Rumpa special – the Creamy Beef on Toast.  This you’ve got to try.  It reminds us of the WHITE GRAVY that we have in American Inns which you typically eat with English Biscuits.  Rumpa’s didn’t have the English Biscuits but having this Creamy Goodness on top of the Toast is just awesome.

It was the perfect meal to start a really long day.  

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