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Singapore Night Safari

Planning for the Singapore trip was simple.  We had an open invitation to stay at my friend’s place and we were set on booking a night at Marina Bay Sands.  So flight was booked and we had a place to stay at.  We were also set on having good Chinese, Malay and Indian food which Singapore is known for.  However – for a five day stay – it was not that simple to think of activities that might enjoy.  Going to Sentosa, Resort World and Universal Studios did not appeal to us.  And then one of the queens suggested we go to the Singapore Night Safari.   That got me stoked since I love animals and seeing them at night will be a brand new experience for me.  The challenge though is capturing the experience in a photo.

Going into the Nigh Safari – we met hundreds of people who had the same idea.  Like us – they carried their cameras hoping that they can take some pictures.  Like us – they had difficulty.  My SONY NEX-5 can take great low light pictures.  This can be seen in the following pictures of the show at the Night Safari.  However – when you are on a moving tram – even with the use of the TWILIGHT feature of the camera, you just can’t take great pictures.

Since I wasted the first 10 minutes trying to figure out the best setting for the camera and still not getting good pictures, I decided to just put down the camera and not think about it.  That’s when magic happened.  The experience was awesome.  Seeing the animals at night proved to be a wonderful experience.  I highly recommend this to visitors of Singapore. 

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