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Tattoo Trumps Bro

iPod Touch 4 026  iPod Touch 4 027

Left – Globe Tattoo                                      Right – Smart Bro

Middle of 2010, Smart Bro came out with an ad which used Speedtest.Net to show that their Broadband speed is faster than Globe Tattoo.  Back then – I was one of Smart Bro’s big fans.  I used to own a Nokia N97 and I ran Joikuspot on the phone and surfing Mobile Broadband on the Smart Bro network was great.   My friends who were using Globe Tattoo were jealous.   I could not hear the end of their complaints about the service of Globe.

That was mid-2010.  Today as we approach the end of 2010, I finally gave up on the Smart Bro service and bought a pre-paid kit of Globe Tattoo.   I inserted it into my Huawei E5830 and did this test on the Speedtest.Net App on my iPad.  The truth is – I didn’t have to do this quantitative test.   My experience in using it was enough.   Hands down – Tattoo now trumps Smart Bro in providing speedy and reliable Mobile Internet.

Disclosure:  I have two Smart Bro post paid accounts.  One is a share it account.  The other one is SIM only account.  Both of them have horrible service most of the time and they have great service – I’d say 2 hours out of the 12 hours that I’m awake.

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