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The White Starbucks Sticker Card

Starbucks 031

The Starbucks Holiday drinks are out. In the Philippines, it’s been a tradition for Starbucks to come out with Planners that one can get for free in exchange for buying a couple of dozen drinks from now till January.  To keep track of how  many drinks you have consumed, the baristas give customers a STICKER card.  Every drink earns the customer a sticker.  Fill up the card with the required number of stickers and you get the planner.

Every year, a limited version of the card is produced.  This year – the limited version is white. These cards come with a free “sticker”.  I was one of the lucky ones who got the limited edition card.


The White and Red Version of the Card

Starbucks 040

The White Card comes with a Free Sticker

Starbucks 043

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