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Zuni For Lunch

The House of Queens decided to have lunch at Zuni after a really good review of the restaurant by one of the resident queens.  Zuni is located at Greenbelt five and had been there for quite some time now.  It was never in my radar but it seems like it has earned a sizeable fan base.  Fans of the restaurant claim that it serves really good food and the whole dining experience is impeccable.

Zuni provides a fine dining experience in a casual setting.  That’s what you read in the restaurant’s menu.  For The House of Queens – this means that the chef knows how to serve great food but the restaurant owner recognizes that the dining public in Manila will never want to dress up for dinner.   This was perfect for Saturday because I was wearing shorts and didn’t really have plans of dressing up early Saturday.

When I asked for the drink list, I was actually impressed that they have almost two dozen selections available in glass servings.   I don’t see that too often.  I ordered the Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay – and I don’t know what year.  I was a bit disappointed with the wine.  I am not a wine connoisseur  and I don’t intend to be a sommelier – so I tend to remember what wine I like – and I remember this brand to be good.  So I was a bit bummed that this time – I seem to have chosen the wrong wine.

Apart from the wine – everything else is good.  The food is good – from the salad, to the main dishes, and of course the dessert.   The House of Queens is divided on the verdict for the White Chocolate Soufflé.   We don’t agree with whose Soufflé is better – Antonio’s or Zuni.

dsc02937 The restaurant scene in Manila continues to amaze me.  It seems to be developing in a pace that is unprecedented.   It just goes to show you that Manilenos love food and there are actually a lot of talented chefs who can  make sure that we get our fill of great dishes.

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  1. Thank you very much for your wonderful review. We hope you can visit us again. Looking forward to serving you soon :D