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Bye Bye Family Jewels

Char Siew is back from the Vet.  He has been neutered.  My family didn’t like the idea because they wanted to have puppies from Char Siew.  I calmly explained to them that it’s good for the dog to have them neutered.  if in the future – they really want to have another Shar Pei – we will find one from a reputable breeder.

Char Siew seems to be in high spirits even after the operation.  Although – I think the e-Collar is bothersome for him.  Midori seems to be very curious of the e-Collar and I bet she is reminded of those days when she had to wear one after getting spayed.

Here are some of Char Siew’s pictures with the e-Collar.   It looks strange on him but he still looks very adorable.

Char Siew 006

Char Siew 008

Char Siew 013

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