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Christmas at Ayala Triangle Garden

Blogger’s Note: This post is written by Midori the Beagle.

Our Cousin Aliyah paid us a visit at the House of Queens.  We were so excited since she was joined by the rest of the family.  Yes – Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle, and Aunties were with Cousin Aliyah.

We all decided to trek towards the Ayala Triangle Garden where they have a musical light show every half hour starting at 6:00.  All of them were amazed by the light show.  There were a lot of people at the Garden and apart from the lights – Char Siew and I became an attraction.  Kids just find us adorable and seeing that we were kid friendly and can play even with such a young kid as Aliyah – they became more comfortable playing with us.

Comic Christmas 002

Comic Christmas 006

Comic Christmas 004

Comic Christmas 008

Comic Christmas 007

Comic Christmas 009

Comic Christmas 010

Comic Christmas 005

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