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Eat at Army And Navy

When I was invited by my friend to eat at Army and Navy I thought she was referring to the Army and Navy club.  I was a bit excited because I have not tried the food at the Army and Navy club.  The last time I was there – I was in High School.  Apparently – she was referring to this fast food restaurant at the new Solaris building on dela Rosa st.  She has heard of raving reviews of the sandwiches in the area.

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The first time we tried to dine in the restaurant – there were too many cabs parked in front of it so we decided to just order in.   I ordered their regular burger – which has a quarter pounder patty.  That was one tasty burger.  Think – Jollibee tasty.  I know – only us Filipinos could appreciate the way Jollibee seasons its burger.

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The other night though – we realized that the Taxi queue in front of the restaurant moves quickly and we can just park the car there – while we grab a quick bite.  This is at 2:00 AM so no cops roam around the area.  Besides – if the taxis form a queue in front – why can’t we park there?

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Anyways – we entered the restaurant and I found the décor quirky and kitsch.  Even the menu items are a bit too much.  For example – they call their Iced Tea – Libertea.  They call their French Fries – Freedom Fries.  But quirkiness aside – the food is good.  This time I ordered their Freedom Fries and Philly style chicken cheese steak.  Yum-yum.

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As this poster says – their mission for you to come in hungry and walk out Happy. 

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