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FaceTime on the iPod Touch

facetime_hero20101116One of the Queens is away for a work assignment in Hong Kong.  We keep in touch through many electronic means – but the coolest so far is FaceTime on our iPod Touch.  We both own iPod Touch 4.0.  We both have access to a WiFi network.  With these prerequisites – we are able to call each other and have face to face chat using FaceTime.  The technology works really well.  Apple is not the first to think of Video Calling on mobile devices.  Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson had this capability when the 3G network was introduced outside of Japan.   However – if you have tried that before – you will know that the 3G network in places like the Philippines does not have the capacity to give a seamless experience for Video Callers.   I think Apple realized this limitation and therefore introduced it in the iPhone ( and iPod Touch and soon the Mac ) but limited to just a WiFi connection.    How is the experience?  Wonderful.   Apple – once again hit a home run with FaceTime on an idea that has been there in the past but not executed well.   Now – we can spend hours chatting face to face on our iPod Touch.   The best thing about it – is that it’s free.

Note: Image was taken from the Apple Website ( )

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