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Flying on Philippine Airlines

I am Hong Kong bound again.  This time – I chose to fly on Philippine Airlines.  I love flying on Cathay Pacific but I really wish they were on another terminal in the Philippines.  The Philippine Government should seriously stop the bickering about Terminal three and just shut down terminal one.  It’s the first structure that visitors to our country see – and it doesn’t leave a very good first impression.


The Personal Entertainment Console – even on Coach

Anyways – I digress.  On flying Philippine Airlines – it was wonderful.  This time, I was able to ride their new Boeing 777.  I remember being on this plane last year from Cebu to Manila.  I remember enjoying that ride and I still enjoy it.  I think this PAL flight is the most comfortable coach seat that one can be on.  Other airlines say they have a reclining seat but the angle of those reclined chairs are pathetic.  PAL’s coach seat gives you a comfortable angle to rest.


Look! It’s a cup holder.

The triple seven also has the personal entertainment screens.  What I found amazing is that the seat has a LAN port and a USB port.  The USB port can be used to play media files from a USB drive ( not sure if it will recognize iPod ).


A LAN port and a USB Port 

The meal is also good.  You will notice in this picture that they even serve dessert from Bizu – I wish though that they had the famous Macarons from Bizu.



They don’t Carry Coca Cola products.

So I guess – from now on – I will request for PAL on my business trips.  It was surely a pleasant ride on Asia’s first airline.


Asia’s First – Philippine Airlines.

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