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Greenhills Shopping

We have American visitors who have previously been to Manila and they know of Greenhills.  So they invited me to join them for a quick shopping expedition to Greenhills.   I was apprehensive at first considering it is Christmas and people have just received their 13th month pay for the year.   This might mean that Greenhills is going to be packed.   We decided to get there early.  Greenhills was buy but it’s not as busy as I thought it would be.  It looks like it’s regular weekend crowd.

What were we there for?   Of course we were there for pearls.  Fresh water, South Sea, Colored, Mikimoto grade pearls.  You name it and they have it.   It is also interesting to look at the designer bag copies which seems to be getting better everytime I visit.   The same is true for the watches which apparently are also automatic and not quartz watches even if they are copies.

Christmas 2010 119

The Hundreds of Stalls selling almost Anything you Can think of

Christmas 2010 094

You want the latest Nike?   They have it.

Christmas 2010 065


Christmas 2010 052

Swiss Watches anyone?

Christmas 2010 051

Colored Pearls

Christmas 2010 034

Pearls Pearls Pearls

Christmas 2010 044

South Sea Pearls

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