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Merry Christmas

I am writing this post as I sit in the living room of my Parents’ place.  My two dogs: Char Siew and Midori are with me.  Their Nanny took time off and visited her sister.  The two other queens are with their respective families.  So the House of Queens is empty tonight – Christmas Eve.  We will all come back tomorrow in the afternoon – so we’ll still be able to spend Christmas day together even for just a few hours.

How is your Christmas Day?  I hope you’re having a blast.   I’m sure my Christmas will be fantastic.

Here are some of the fantastic Christmas decorations in our house.

Close up Christmas 025.ARW

Close up Christmas 044.ARW

Close up Christmas 052.ARW

Close up Christmas 056.ARW

Close up Christmas 057.ARW

Close up Christmas 061.ARW

Close up Christmas 066.ARW

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