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Scrabble Does not Recognize “Rape”

I was playing Scrabble on my iPad. It was one of my favorite games growing up and playing it on my iPad is such a treat.  However – for the past couple of days – I have not picked up the game.  It really started when I had all the words to  tiles to form the word DEAR and E appended to the word RAP to form the word RAPE.  I was surprised that Scrabble does not recognize the word RAPE.

I understand that Scrabble can be played by minors.  However – RAPE is a word and as much as we would not want minors to be able to use the word – it is a word.  Having it omitted from the “DICTIONARY” of the game is wrong in so many levels.

For those playing Scrabble on the iPad – have you encountered another word that is CENSORED by Scrabble?

iPad Magic 087

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