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Spanx for Men

I am getting old and I am no longer in the same shape that I had been when I was in my 20s.  I used to be really skinny so I started lifting weights in my late 20s.  In my early 30s – I was in the best shape of my life.   Those were also the days when I watched what I ate and I was at the gym every day.

Then – real life caught up on me.  I became too busy with work and stopped working out.  I also realized I can’t continue to deprive myself of really good food.   For two straight years I continued to eat heartily and I stopped working out.  In January 2010, I started working out again – but still refused to go on a diet.   I am not back to working out daily but I am at least working out two to three times a week.
I am not back in shape and I still can’t fit into my old clothes.   The thought of not being able to wear and buy clothes from my favorite shops ( e.g. Tyler ) is depressing.

Then I read about Spanx for Men.  Rustan’s brought the Spanx for women early this year and I kept on asking the sales ladies when they will have Spanx for men.  Today – to my delight – finally – they have Spanx for men on the store shelves.

I tried them on quickly and realized that they were not easy to put on.   I had to ask one of the queens and the Sales Lady to help me into them.  After a little bit of inspection – I decided to get two – one black and one white.
Spanx 011
Then the moment of truth arrives … I decided to take before and after pictures.  I’m sharing them with you.   Decide for yourself if the 100 US Dollar price tag is worth it.
Spanx 001
Spanx 007
Spanx 003
Spanx 009


  1. hey nice post! but how much exactly in pesos is the sando-type spanx you're wearing?? thanks!!!

  2. Sab: Thank you for visiting my blog. Thank you for leaving your comment.
    I bought the Spanx for 5,000 pesos.

  3. hi can i knw where you puchased it coz im really looking for a good spanx wd wnderful result like urs

  4. I bought mine from Rustan's ... so next time you are in Manila - drop by Rustan's and look for the Spanx area.

  5. thanks coz i really love to try it...
    may u suggest from which RUSTAN Branches to check? and hows the prices of it. . .
    look forward to it

  6. I bought mine from Rustan's Makati. When I bought them they were selling it for 5,000 pesos.

  7. wwhow whatta price but the result is awesome.
    hope to have one of it soon
    and hope this material last for a long time

  8. Awesome!
    Do they allow buyers to fit in the item before actually purchasing it?
    Just to know which size fits for me. Thank you

    1. Yup. They do. Just bring a frind with you. It's not easy to put it on. You will need help.

  9. whoa!Is it really 5,000 pesos for just the sando-type you're wearing?
    I've skimmed thru your article and initially thought you bought yours (the black and white) for 5k all in all. But after reading the comments section guess I was wrong. =)

    I'm basically tossed-up between this and a similar product in Marks and Spencer(forgot the brand though).
    Is it comfortable to wear for the whole day?

    1. I have not seen the M&S product. I will check it out this weekend. On comfort -- most products that feed one's vanity are not comfortable. The same is true for Spanx - but you get used to it ( or you brain tells you that you're used to it ). I only wear them for special occasions ( e.g. weddings, business meetings, company functions ). I never wear them on dates - it's not easy to take off :D.