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Bug Photography

Mama 2 2010 040.ARW

My latest gadget acquisition is a set of Close-Up Filters for my Sony NEX 5.  These filters allow me to take Macro photographs.  I italicize the word because strictly speaking – these photos do not qualify for the definition of Macro – however for us hobbyists – we can use the word loosely.

The picture above was taken in the cemetery.  My family got together in the cemetery to celebrate my late grandmother’s birthday.  While we were waiting for everyone to arrive ( my parents don’t like being late so we’re always the earliest to come ),  I walked around the area looking for interesting pictures to take.  I did bring my ZOOM lens and my Close up Filters in case I get the chance to see interesting BUGS to photograph.

I saw the pink Frangipani and at first I didn’t notice this bug.  When I did – I knew that I found an interesting subject.   It’s a scary looking bug – and I have to take the camera really close to it to get this shot.  I was actually afraid it will jump and I’m pretty sure that if it did – I will drop my camera.

BTW – while doing this shoot – I was outdoors.  If there’s one thing that I don’t like with the NEX 5 – it’s practically useless to use the LED screen outdoors.  I had to cover it with my hands to approximate a good enough shot.  The camera does not come with a digital viewfinder – and it’s not yet available in the Philippines.  After doing this shoot – I just know that I have to get one next time I’m in Hong Kong.

Here are the other shots that I took of the bug – this time with less magnification.   I was also able to take some shots of the other flowers in the cemetery.

Mama 2 2010 031.ARW

Mama 2 2010 035.ARW

Mama 2 2010 038.ARW

Mama 2 2010 039.ARW

Mama 2 2010 021.ARW

Mama 2 2010 010.ARW

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