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Char Siew in Action

Char Siew is not easy to photograph.  He is a very fidgety dog.  I tell him to stay still for a shot but most of the time – his head is a whole lot of blur.  This weekend – I wanted to get some shots of him in my parents’ new house.  He was his usual fidgety dog that I decided that the only way I can take a picture of him is by cranking up the ISO of my camera and make the shutter speed fast.

Because the ISO was really high – I ended up with very noisy photographs.  There is a de-noising capability available in iPhoto but I noticed that it doesn’t just smoothen out the noise.  It also smoothens out Char Siew’s fur.   I’m lucky it didn’t smoothen out the wrinkles on his face.

But the pictures were too cute not to show to everyone – so I decided to turn them into a collage.  Here are his funny pictures.  Don’t you think he’s really cute?


He used to be afraid of going up and coming down the stairs.  However – after we showed him that he can do it, he ended up running up and down over and over again.


My father thinks Char Siew is like a lion.  I tend to agree with him.  Actually – I don’t think he’s pure dog.  I think he’s part cat.  Watch his ears turn.  It’s not full 180 in this capture but I swear he can do it – just like how cats can do it.


Here his response to my previous comment.  “Oh Daddy. Don’t be ridiculous!  I’m pure dog.  How can you think I’m part cat?”

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