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Dimsum @ Greenhills

When we are in Greenhills, we have lunch at Dimsum ‘n Dumplings.  They serve dumplings and other Chinese dishes for a reasonable price.  Moreover – they are located in V-Mall away from the crowd.  So we can have a much more relaxed lunch – as opposed to the other Chinese restaurants close to the Bazar.

Dimsum 004.ARW

Dimsum 005.ARW

Dimsum 007.ARW

We were in Greenhills for Boyfriend shirts that one of the queens wants to wear over leggings.  There are tons of them there and they come in different sizes and colors.   I think you can definitely count on the bazar for the latest trend for a bargain price.

Before coming back to civilization – we decided to check out Happy Lemon.  They have bubble tea, milk tea, and shakes of different flavors.  One of the queens wants to try the one with Yakult.  I tried the milk tea with Red Beans and pudding.  They’re tagline is the World Yummy! Drinks!   That’s truth in advertising since it was indeed yummy,


Dimsum 010.ARW

Dimsum 011.ARW


  1. Oh! Now I want some dumpling! Yikes. I wish I could have them delivered:).

  2. When I lived in the US - this is what I missed the most. I lived in the twin cities and for me to get dimsum, I had to wait for Sunday morning. We had to make reservations or queue up for hours. Here in Asia - we can have dimsum everyday. The best ones I've tasted are from Hong Kong. Thanks for visiting the site LPC. :D.