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Have You Been to Bon Chon

Bon Chon Ayala Triangle Gardens

I have read so many tweets about Bon Chon.  I have seen the long queue to Bon Chon.  So I know I just had to try Bon Chon.  We went to the Bon Chon outlet at Ayala Triangle Gardens.  It was a busy night but there was a big army of servers and bus people who made sure that the patrons have chairs and tables to use as the previous ones leave.

We ordered the combination of 6 wings and 3 drumsticks.  The flavor was Soy and Garlic.

The Chicken wings were crispy and yummy.  The drumsticks were so-so.,  At the end of the day – we liked the skin of the chicken because whatever marinade they use is a winner.  However – we like Chicken with a flavorful meat as well.  I have cousins who just eat chicken skin … I am not like that.   I eat even the meat.  Moreover – I only eat white meat ( but Chicken wings are forgivable white meat ).  That’s where the Bon Chon chicken failed us.  The meat does not have enough flavor to wow us.

Bon Chon

Bon Chon Wings

Bon Chon Fries

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