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Maman in Japan

Maman in Japan, originally uploaded by jumpnjoey16.

This is the sculpture Maman - found in Roponggi, Tokyo, Japan. There are many of it found around the world. It resembles a spider with a sac containing Marble eggs.

The other locations of the sculpture are Kansas City MO, Ottawa, St. Petersburg, Bilbao, Seoul, and Des Moine.

The sculptor is Louise Bergoise.

This photo is interesting because it again highlights one of my observations of Tokyo ( and Japan ). They seem to have a facination on anything French.

This photo is also personally interesting because Maman is French for Mother. I am lucky to have been able to capture this picture with a Mom - pushing a baby in a stroller and walking with her daughter who seems to have a toy stroller with her. Very appropriate don't you think?

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