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Medical Emergency with Shure

I was on another business trip to Hong Kong.  When on the plane, I listen to my iPod.  I usually use a Bluetooth headset but on the plane I can't use it.  So I switch to my plug in ear phones.  I have Shure headphones which are great.  When I wear them - all the noise in the airplane and the airplane's engines are blocked out. 
Everything was going smoothly on the flight.  As it made it descent onto the Hong Kong international airport - I started to prepare by switching off my iPod and removing the ear phones from my ears.  That's when trouble started.  When I removed the left ear phone - the foam remained stuck in my ear.  I tried to pick it with my finger but it just made the matter worse.  I remember reading the manual and they indicated that I should seek medical assistance if this happens.
Upon landing - I looked for the airport medical aide.  They advised me that I should see the doctor but the consultation will cost me money.  I tried my luck in the hotel - and they do have someone who knows first aid but they indicated that it's best to see the doctor.
I realized that there's no getting around this problem without paying the doctor.  So I saw the doctor and he removed the ear bud from my ear and confirmed that it did not cause any infection or damage to the ear drum.  When I got the doctor's bill – the itemized bill indicated that I have to pay 430 HK Dollars for the consultation and 100 HK Dollars for the procedure.  I was thinking - what procedure?  It took him 2 seconds to get that thing out of my ear.   That earned him 100 HK Dollars?

So these expensive SHURE earphones ( 150 USD ) – which are really awesome – cost me another 530 HK Dollars.  I am not sure awesome is worth it.



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