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Midori Wants Sashimi

Eastwood Mall was our destination last weekend.  It's been a long while since we last brought the dogs out and Eastwood Mall is the perfect mall for us.  We can do our bit of shopping since we can bring the dogs inside the stores.   Moreover - there's a lot of outside sitting for the restaurants so we can dine properly.

It was lunch time and we were hungry.  We wanted to have Japanese food so we tried Mr. Kurosawa.   We ordered the mixed sashimi, the crispy spicy salmon salad, and the scallops fried rice.  The dressing of the spicy salmon salad would have been better served with Asian dressing.   Moreover - they weren't kidding when they called it spicy.  It tasted good - but I really wish they stuck with the Asian dressing instead of the Thousand Island dressing that they used for it.   I think the sashimi was not as fresh as I would like them to be - and the scallops fried rice needed some seasoning.

Midori seems to be a bit hungry.  She's currently on a diet because she is overweight.  She persisted in trying to get some of the sashimi.  Unfortunately for her - we can't give her some because she has a lot of allergies - and we're afraid that the seafood will aggravate her allergies.

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