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Reflections on a Friday Morning



Midori in my Parents’ old House

I just got back from my parent's house.  They have recently moved from their previous house in which they have lived for over ten years.  I myself lived there for approximately five years.  We rented that house and the owner decided to sell the place.  Of course we had right of first refusal.  I tried to investigate if I can afford to take a mortgage and buy it – but then realized that I might be able to buy it but I already bought property away from the city which I intend to live in when I am no longer working in the city.   So having two properties on a mortgage will not make sense in the future.

The new house has a lot higher rent.  Thankfully, my brother is earning a lot more now than he used to and he agreed to help out with the rent.   So – my parents, my siblings, and my niece are now living in a three story townhouse which had three bedrooms.

When they were moving, they realized that in the ten years that they have lived in the previous house, they have accumulated so much stuff.  Some of that stuff they realized that they just had to let go – but mostly they kept.  I’m hoping that when the house I intend to build for us is built – that we all have the courage to let go of the things that we will not need.

I have said it before and i think it’s time for me to say it again.  I am grateful that I am actually able to help out my family.  I am grateful that my current job allows me to do that.  I am also grateful that I continue to have a job that can provide for myself and my family.   Life is good.


  1. Ampon mo ako when we are old and still single ha.

  2. Lol ... i'm actually planning to just check myself into a community for oldies. If you want - we can look for such a community.