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The Seattle’s Best Holiday Package

Seattle’s Best has a gift for their patrons this Holiday Season.  Like it’s competitor- Starbucks – you are given a sticker card and upon collecting the prerequisite number of stickers – you get the gift.

In my opinion – Seattle’s Best did a good job of not offering another planner.  I think their marketing team read the Blue Ocean strategy.  Why compete in what Starbucks is already offering – when they can tap into a subset of the market who wants something else?  In this case – that something else is a Seattle’s Best Tumbler and an Environmental Tote bag from Team Manila.  

The package is given in a nice box.  The tumbler is very pretty and the tote bag is also well designed.   I got my package today and here are the pictures of the unboxing.

Seattle's Best 001.ARW

Seattle's Best 002.ARW

Seattle's Best 003.ARW

Seattle's Best 004.ARW

Seattle's Best 005.ARW

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