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Via Mare Bibingka

Bibingka is one of the many varieties of rice cakes we have in the Philippines.  My favorite Bibingka is of course that which is made by one of my Aunts.  They lived next door and had a store and during the Holiday season – they will sell Bibingka.

We just finished our weekly Grocery shopping and I was tired and hungry.  So I needed comfort food.  So I requested for Bibingka and Palabok.  Palabok is a Filipino noodle dish.  It’s noodles are rice noodles.  The sauce is made of Shrimp stock and colored with Atsuete ( a spice and primarily coloring agent which makes food look orange ).

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In Manila – if you are looking for these dishes – you should go to Via Mare.  It’s primarily a seafood restaurant – serving Oysters as their specialty.  However – they have a strong Filipino branding that they also carry the favorite Filipino dishes like Bibingka and Palabok.

Happy to say that after eating these two dishes – I was full and Satisfisfied.


  1. you should try the guinataang halo-halo!

  2. You know what - I never tried that. I hope it's as good as my mom's Guinataang Halo-halo.

  3. i like it! mom used to make one at home but since it's not that easy, we buy whenever we have cravings! try it :D