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What was I thinking?

Today I visited Flickr and found out that someone started out a tradition of posting their worst photographs of the year.  One of those pictures featured was potato pizza.  The photographer who posted it made a comment that – it just goes to show that brown food does not photograph well.

This inspired me to share one of those photos that I did not really think of sharing with y’all – but this Flickr Blog just gave me a reason to share it.

These are pictures of one of my favorite snacks from Starbucks. It’s an old fashioned chocolate Donut.  Yes – it’s delicious – but.  It’s brown – and when I saw the first photo – I thought – it looks like c#**$# – figuratively and literally.  So I tried to be creative and I took a picture of it while it was inside the bag.  It just looked like c$#*(Q inside the bag.



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