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Bed at Malate

I am writing this blog post as I nurse a “baby” headache at 9:00 AM Saturday.  I was out last night with the queens of the house.  We were at Bed at Malate.  For the straight readers – this should not be mistaken for the BedSpace bars found in a number of Malls in Manila.  Bed is the premiere gay club of Manila – and it has been resurrected recently after a fire hit it last year. 

Oh Boy – what a resurrection as it was renovated into a super club.  Three levels with a private white room that smells expensive.   I was so inspired by the new surroundings that I made sure I drank as much alcohol as I can.  My hands were full – Vodka on the right hand and San Mig Light on the left.   That’s why the “baby” headache was a bit expected.  Then again – I get this headache from my allergies – so if I get it after having some fun – so be it.


This photo is from the old Bed.  I think it was Halloween of 2007 – which is why the Go Go boys were wearing masks.  I have a lot of memories of Bed – mostly good ones – except for the white party of 2010 where someone swiped my cash and credit card.  In fact – that was the last time that I was there – prior to the fire – and last night.

Hope y’all had a great Friday night like me.  If you’re in Manila – check out the new Bed – if you haven’t.  BTW – I know – it’s old news – but I only go out every six months – so it’s all brand spanking new to me.   Good vibes everyone!

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