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Bedroom Feng Shui

Bedroom a Place for Rejuvenation

The Bedroom – A place for Rejuvenation. A place where we dispose of Negative Energy in our Sleep.

Chinese New Year was celebrated a week ago and this usually prompts TV stations to feature Feng Shui experts in their shows.  The start of the year is supposed to usher in the opportunity to improve one’s luck.  Let me tell you – I’m happy that the year of the Tiger is over.   It was indeed a year of turmoil for nations.  Personally – I had my own struggles.  It’s repercussions – I’m only feeling now.  The year of the Rabbit in contrast with the previous year is supposed to be a year of Mellow times.  Mellow times is what I definitely need right now.

One of the shows that I caught talked about Feng Shui in the bedroom.  I’m assuming that if you have access to the internet – reading my blog – that you know what Feng Shui is.  If not – please Google it.   I was specially interested in the show’s discussion of the bedroom Feng Shui – since when I’m in the house – that’s the room that I spend my most time in.  So it better have the proper layout.


Reflective Surfaces like Mirrors Reflect back Negative Energy we are supposed to Eliminate in our Sleep.

There were too many details to discuss in this blog – but I’d like to touch on something that I thought was important: the presence of reflective surfaces in the bedroom.  It was not the first time that I heard of someone saying that the presence of Mirrors and the Television in the bedroom increases negativity in one’s life.   However – it was the first time I understood why.

Two key reasons:

    - While we are asleep – we rejuvenate our mind, body and soul.  This means cleansing of ourselves of negative energy.   The presence of the reflective surface in the bedroom bounces back the negative energy into the room.

    - Reflective surfaces are portals to other dimensions.  Some of those dimensions may not be positive.  Thus – while asleep – we would not want to project ourselves into those dimensions.

There’s also a practical reason for this – usually, upon waking up we don’t look our best.  I don’t think anybody would want to see a negative reflection of themselves at the immediate start of their day.


The TV, like the Mirror has a reflective Surface which means it should not be present in the bedroom or it should be Covered while sleeping. An armoire with closed doors can provide a solution to this predicament.

For those of us who have televisions and mirrors and our bedrooms --- and I think most households have that now.  We do not need to despair.  It can be remedied.  When not in use – we can actually cover those reflective surfaces.  In some cases – the televisions are actually kept in an Armoire – whose doors are closed when they’re not in use.   In my case – I take out some clean sheets and towels and I cover the mirror and the television before going to sleep.

It’s been almost a week since I started doing this.  I must say that it does seem to have an effect on my start of the day.  Let’s just say I’m a lot more hopeful these days.  It’s been such a long while since I felt that way.   I’m definitely thankful that I found some way of remedying that.

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