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Char Siew at the Triangle

I have been trying to make up some time together with Char Siew because this past week, when I go to my Lola’s wake,  I take Midori with me.  So I’ve been spending so many hours with Midori – and not a lot with Char Siew.  So the other day – I let Char Siew sleep inside the bedroom and today, he and I went to Ayala Triangle.

When people see Char Siew – he gets two very different reactions.  Half of the people we see on the streets will be afraid of him.  Thinking that he’s a big ferocious dog.  The other half – will say :”Awwwww! It’s a Shar Pei!”

We had fun.  I had coffee at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf ( which is so dog friendly I can take Char Siew inside the store ).   I brought his favorite ball with me – so I played fetch with Char Siew.  And of course – it’s time for pictures.  Lots of pictures.








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