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Great Facebook Fan Page Update

Blogger’s Note: A guest post of Midori the Beagle

I am ecstatic.  I am joyful.  I’m excited to share the changes that were implemented by Facebook for Fan Pages like mine.  Let me share with you what they are – and if you have a Facebook Fan Page like me – I bet you can appreciate my over reaction.


These are the new features

1.  My Fan Page – now has an easy to remember URL.  It’s

2.  I can now easily see new Likes and new comments on my posts.  The only thing missing is an ability to send messages as MidoriBeagle.  I hope that can be added in future releases.

3.  Now my Fan Page displays the latest photos I posted.  This is similar to regular Facebook profile pages.

4.  The Administrator of my page ( my Daddy ) can switch to using Facebook as himself or as me.  This is a big one.  This actually means that I can visit other pages – and write posts on their wall as Midori.  Or I can actually make comments on status updates of my “Fans” as Midori.  I wasn’t able to do that before.  It’s just a better way of interacting with people and dogs who “Liked” my page.

5.  The navigation page is now found on the left hand side of my profile page. Similar to a regular Facebook Profile page.

6.  I am also now able to “Like” other pages.  This makes it so much easier to tell people who follow my profile of things that I Like.  In this example – I really like “Plants vs. Zombies”.

Do you have a Facebook Fan page?  If you do – how do you find this update?

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