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Happy New Year

Lucky Fruits, originally uploaded by jumpnjoey16.

Today is Chinese New Year - or someone has pointed out - Lunar Calendar New Year. Whatever it is - I just want to say that I'm happy that the year of the Tiger is over. For those who understand Chinese Astrology - the Tiger was forecasted to be a year of turmoil since the Tiger is an animal known for its aggression. Today, we start the year of the Rabbit. According to astrologers - this will be a much calmer year very much like the animal.
I was born on the year of the Ox. In Western Astrology - I am a Taurean. So I'm double bull. I have four horns - and I'm doubly stubborn. That also makes me a beast of burden. This is why in most forecasts - they always say that since I'm naturally hard working --- even through difficult times, I thrive. That's actually true and I'm thankful that it is true.
BTW - one other thing about Chinese New Year - in China - they have a tradition of giving out Ang Pao. That's the red envelope with money inside. Ang Pao is supposed to be given to the single by those who are married. So if you are single and you have Chinese friends who are married - remind them of your Ang Pao. It's supposed to give both of you good luck.

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