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She Enters the Kingdom

My grandmother died this morning.  She is the grandmother who I lived with as a child.  So I definitely have fond memories of her.  She lived a long life – and was even able to see her great great grand children.  I know that death comes to everyone – but I must admit – I never really thought of a life without her – because she had always been there for me in my life.

As a child – I clung to her – she was my security blanket.  I know that everyone else may have their blanky or their teddy that makes them feel safe.  I had her.  She used to pick me up in kindergarten.  I’ve always expected her to pick me up on time.  Times when she’s not there to meet me because she was late or I was early – I would bawl.  People would stare at me wondering why I was crying hard.  It was because she wasn’t there. I didn’t feel safe.

Now – I’m all grown up.  Like most children – I outgrew my security blanket.  I’m no longer the snotty boy who would cry when his grandmother was not by the school gates waiting for him.  And yet – today- thinking that she’s no longer part of this world – I go back to that moment.  I haven’t cried in front of everyone else – but now that I’m alone in my room – tears have not stopped.

I will definitely miss her.  I miss her already.

Christmas Day 2010 011.ARW

Christmas 2010

Christmas Day 2010 012.ARW

Nanay Pi (that’s what we call her) and my Niece her Great Grandchild


My Nanay Pi and my Sister ( my Niece’s mother )


Nanay Pi, Me on the left and my cousin in her arms


Nanay Pi and my Siblings

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