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Stuck in Daddy’s Bedroom

Blogger’s Note: A guest post from Midori the Beagle


Hmph. I can’t believe I’m stuck in Daddy’s bedroom while Char Siew is out playing out there at the Living Room.


I will just lie here at the foot of the bed till Daddy decides to let me out.


That was boring --- Char Siew? I can see you.  Do not touch any of my toys.


This is so boring.  I can’t even look out the window because these curtains are blocking my view.   Hmmmm …. maybe I should just ….


Get on the bed.  Yehey.  What are you looking at?   I am not getting of this bed.


I am not getting off this bed.  These sheets are hideous looking but they are so soft.


It makes me want to sleep …..


Ok … just wake me up when it’s time for my afternoon walk.   ZZZZZZZ.

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