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The A-Maze-ing Garden Adventure for Dogs

Blogger's Note: This is a blog post from Midori the Beagle

Char Siew and I had a great and Fun weekend.  Sunday afternoon, at 2:00 PM, Daddy and I went to Ayala Triangle Gardens - to witness the first ever A-Maze-ing Garden Adventure for Dogs.  It's an obstacle course for dogs.  There are 10 obstacles for the dogs.  The rules of the game - the dogs and their humans will have to go through each station.  The humans will have to encourage their dogs to complete the obstacle.  They cannot coerce, pull, scold, or hit their dogs.  They can  use treats or toys to encourage the dogs to complete the task.  If the dog cannot complete the task, the human can complete it.  That sounds fair, doesn't it anipals?  

There were so many dogs.  So many of them are beagles, labrador, shi-tzus, and huskies.  But there was only one Shar-Pei.  That's Char Siew.  The event was held for the benefit of PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society).

Here are the highlights of the event.

The Lucky Arc.  This is the starting and finish line.

And they're off.  See them all run.

The tire obstacle.  You have to jump through the tire.

Sled Dog Challenge.  The human needs to wear the doggie hat and pull the sled while his dog is on the sled.

My friend Pusoy Going over the ramp.

The tube.  Who thinks of these scary contraptions?

The Sandbox.  I think the objective of the game is to find the bone hidden in the sand.  This is a Pawsome challenge.  I know I'll do well in it.

A human who had to take over the task from his dog.

Me in one of the stations. The dog has to go through this area and not touch the toys and treats.  I didn't participate in the race but I stole some of the treats. 

Char Siew having a lot of fun.   We both had fun.

If you want to see the other pictures.  Please check them out in my Facebook Fan page.

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