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The Betis Church of Pampanga

In 2009, the queens decided to join the Ultimate Philippines' Pampanga tour.  The highlight of the tour for the queens is the five ways lechon prepared by Chef Claude Tayag at Bale Dutung.   However, we did fail to mention that apart from the five hour lunch experience - the tour actually showcased the beautiful towns of Pampanga.  There were actually two churches that we visited:  The Bacolor Church ( which is now half buried because of the lahar from Mt. Pinatubo and the other church is the Betis Church in Guagua Pampanga.

The Betis Church is a hidden gem that every Filipino should discover.   The wall and ceilings have beautiful paintings.   It may not be painted by the great Renaissance artists but one cannot discount the fact that these are beautiful paintings.   Of course - as one looks around - you can actually find the illusions that a lot of our churches in the Philippines have.  What may look like bas reliefs are actually paintings rendered with the appropriate shadows to make it look like it has depth.   Even the pillars are actually painted to look like that a master mason has worked on it.

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