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Char Siew is Going to School

It seems like it was just yesterday when I first brought Char Siew home.  He was six weeks old - and I fell in love with him when I saw him at the Vet.  I knew I was just ready for another dog so I immediately gave an offer to his former humans.   He is now one year old ( he celebrated his first birthday on February 14 ).  Like any growing boy, he is now ready for school.

I decided to give him the same education that his brother and sister had.  He is going to Rak-9 Training under Gio Marcelo.  We actually benefited a lot from the training that Midori got from Gio.  I actually told my friends that after the training - Midori was like a new dog - very obedient.   Some bad habits have resurfaced since then --- but I just know that she's actually very obedient - especially when I'm approached by other Beagle owners and asked if I had her go through training.

When Midori was in training, I missed her terribly.  I remember looking forward to the day that I had to pick her up.   Back then - leading to the time that I was going to drop her off with Gio - I didn't really have any concerns.  This time with Char Siew it's different.  I'm already getting sadder as Saturday approaches.  I do not look forward to missing him during those 15 days that he will be with Gio.   So now - I try to spend as much time as I could with him.   Sigh.


  1. Not many places here do that kind of intensive training. Most are for the dog and owner to train together. Mom certainly couldn't leave me with someone else for that long. I don't envy you! I can imagine how much you'll be missing him!

  2. Hi Laney. Actually - there aren't a lot of places in the Philippines similar to RAK-K9. There are trainers who go to one's house or training centers similar to what you mentioned - where the owner and the dog spend an afternoon going through the basic obedience training.
    It's Day number 3 - and I really miss Char Siew. I think Midori misses him too.