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Char Siew's Visit to Animal House

Daddy and I visited the vet at Animal House today.  It is my first day of school and I will be gone from the House of Queens for fifteen days so Daddy just wanted to make sure that I have a clean bill of health before my intensive training.

I was actually very excited when we left the house.  I thought we were going to visit Grandma.  I love visiting Grandma because she always gives me yummy treats.  I was definitely disappointed when I saw us pulling into the parking spot at Animal House at Jupiter.  It was another visit to the Vet.  And I definitely don't enjoy these visits.

Can somebody take me down from this table?

Daddy.  I promise to be good from now on. 

Daddy.  This is torture.  Can't you hear the pain in my voice?

Are we finished?  Have you finished torturing me?

We're Finished with the test.  Yehey. Let's get out of here.

Blogger's Note: A guest post of Char Siew the Shar Pei.  BTW - Char Siew is very healthy.


  1. Oh, poor Char Siew! You need to come to my vet. It's much calmer. I still don't like to go, but my doctor is very nice and all the vet tech's love on me and give me treats! I'm sure once you get older, you'll be able to calm down more. Mom says I'm practically asleep when I'm there. They even let mom hold me when they give me my shots, and I don't even flinch... of course, that's thanks to the TONS of extra skin around my neck.
    You poor thing.. sounds like torture and you're so scared! At least it's not often that you have to go! Soon you'll be able to handle it like a pro!
    Good luck in your training!

  2. Hi Laney. I have actually tried holding my dogs during their Vet visits. They flinch and scream a lot more when i'm there. It seems like they would like to complain a lot louder when they can see that I am watching them. So I decide to hide if they get too noisy. Midori - BTW - is so unlike Char Siew. She's like. She's very calm when we are at the vet. Regardless of the procedure - she's cool with it.

    Hope you had a fun weekend.