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Deep Fried Snickers and Deep Fried Coke

We've been meaning to check out the Collective located at Malugay st.  Last weekend was Diner weekend for the House of Queens. It started with Mr. Jones on Saturday, then we ended up in a Japanese Diner at Mall of Asia - and lastly Wingman Diner at the Collective.  I have actually been at that same spot at Malugay St. before because I had to pay for a traffic violation ticket at the MAPSA ticket processing office which is located in front of the Collective compound.

The whole area has that Campus community vibe.  It's not different from the NSU campus we visited while we were in Singapore.  We were thinking that food and shops will be cheap.  We discovered - it wasn't.   Food was reasonable but the shop that we checked out selling bags made out of recycled pieces of clothing was not cheap.  A computer bag that I liked - was 6,000 pesos.  A lot of their body-bags are worth 4,000 pesos and up.  I really wanted to buy something - thinking that I will be cool if I had something from the store - but I realized - I didn't find anything that I was willing to buy for the price that they were asking for it.  So never mind.

There were two memorable items at the Collective that I would like to share with you.   They are the dessert items from the Wingman Diner.   I will let the pictures make you drool.

Underneath the Whipped Cream is a Snickers Bar wrapped in Batter - then Fried.  Ooey-Gooey-Goodness

That is not Chocolate.  That's Coke Syrup - Reduced and Placed on top of Funnel Cake.

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