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First Day in RAK-K9 School

Daddy dropped me off on Saturday at the RAK-K9 Obedience School for dogs.  Achi Midori actually told me about this school and she warned me that after the three week period spent in the school - I will feel compelled to obey Daddy's commands.   That didn't sound appealing.  What if I wanted to jump at him and he doesn't want me to?  Does that mean will never jump at him when he comes home?  But that's so much fun.

So - you can just imagine that I was most unexcited when I met Gio Marcelo - my teacher.  He seems to be a nice guy.  Again - achi Midori warned me about him.  She said Gio is responsible for making her do things that she doesn't want to do.  Like staying in a position for a long period of time - even if she wanted to play with the kitty and doggies that she sees.

The good news in all of this - is that I'm not alone in this ordeal.  I may have left Midori and Daddy at home but I'm meeting new friends.  They are my classmates.   I'm so sorry - but I have not had a chance to capture what their names are - but they all seem nice.

Teacher Gio

Yes Teacher Gio.  I already know my "Sit" command.

Beagle Puppies. RAK-K9 also boards dogs.

This is Raki.  He's a Belgian Malinois. He used to appear in a TV Show - Santino.

Another one of my classmate.

A Husky Puppy.  They are starting young. I think I'm the oldest in the class.

A Golden Retriever Puppy.  Gio was giving him one-on-one Training session when we arrived.

Daddy just got a report from Teacher Gio today.  He said that I'm a very bright dog.  However - I'm the noisy dog in class. :-P.  Of course - I'm noisy - I'm like achi Midori.

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