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Lomo Lomo and Wheat Grass

I love the different camera apps that are available at the App Store.  I have half a dozen of them on my iPod Touch.  The latest download I have is Lomo Lomo.  Fun camera application to use.  It has multiple lenses and many cameras to choose from.  I stick with the Diana most of the time.

And in other news, I have been taking Easy PhaMax Wheatgrass for almost a month now.   One of the cable TV stations play its ad almost all night – and I thought it might be good to give it a try.  I’m not new to food supplements.  I have tried Intra from Lifestyle inc. and I have tried the Colostrum milk that my cousin gave me.  Both of them gave positive results.  I did feel that it helped in controlling my allergic reactions to many many things.  I stopped taking Intra because it’s hard to track the person who used to sell it to me.  I stopped taking the Colostrum milk because I felt really bad for the baby cows.  That milk is for them – why I should I take it from them.

Anyways – in a moment of craziness – I thought I would have fun with the Lomo-Lomo camera and document my daily morning routine of drinking Wheat Grass juice.   I thought the textured effects from the app would make the wheat grass juice look appetizing.   I was wrong.

Wheat Grass 007
Wheat Grass 008
Wheat Grass 009


  1. I really like your pics.
    Perhaps you want to check out mine?

  2. Katharina. Thank you. Your pics look great ( ). I actually use an iPod Touch for my photos - which is what makes the app nice and handy ). When I don't have my camera with me and there's an interesting scene to capture - I just lomo lomo.