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The NoteTaker HD for the iPad

News of the new iPad 2 was greeted with a lot of enthusiasm by the geek community.  I want one,  however I'm actually sensible enough to realize that the additional features of camera, thinner build, and dual processor are nice to have.  But - at the end of the day - the iPad Classic continues to amaze me and it may take a little bit more time for me to give it up and get an upgrade.  The amazement comes from the continuous upgrades of the Apps that I bought.  One of those Apps is the NoteTaker HD.

NoteTaker HD is the App I use to take down notes during meetings.  I have actually let go of my ring-bound note pad and I just use the iPad for this purpose.  In the past - I will just use it for note taking.  There is a feature to import PDF files to write over them - but I didn't like the method of importing it.   This was actually improved on in the most recent update for the App.  You can now add pictures ( including screen prints ).  You can add shapes ( including X and Y Axis - handy for students taking Calculus ).  

If you have an iPad classic - check the App out.  Here's the link to the maker's website (Software Garden products ).

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