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Philippine Banks and Privacy

At 5:00 AM today, I woke up to my phone ringing.  A girl responded to my obviously annoyed sounding "Hello".  She looked for me - struggling with my name.  Seriously - i don't understand why people struggle with the name Charlemagne.   He is a great historical figure who everyone studied in Grade School, High School and College.   She then asked me for my birthday.   To this question - I quickly told her off.   I said,  "I'm sorry.  I'm not going to answer your question.  You're obviously validating my identify when I'm not even certain that you're really from the bank."

The privacy guidelines for banking in Manila doesn't seem to be as rigid as the international banks.  I do hope that this gets fixed.  If a bank uses to validate your identity with your Date of Birth --- I think that outbound calls should never use that as a validation tool.

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