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Midori the Beagle eats Home Made Pet Food

Blogger's Note: A post from Midori the Beagle.

My Latest Portrait

Growing up,  I had dreams of becoming a Beauty Queen.  Who wouldn't when you have everyone who see you telling you that you're so gorgeous.  All those dreams were lost when rashes started appearing on my belly.  I was red in a lot of spots on my belly.  I also gained weight and I started to lose my waist.  Daddy and I looked for many solutions.  I went on a diet.  I tried organic dog food.  I also tried the hypoallergenic dog food.  None of these worked.  For a little bit of time - the rashes will go away - but it will always come back.

So we did some research and found a lot of literature on the internet about eating homemade pet food.  I was celebrating when I learned that Daddy decided to push through with this.  I thought, finally - I'm going to eat with them on the table - sharing their food with them.  Unfortunately - homemade pet food does not refer to actual table food.  Human food is not good for us dogs - especially my Daddy's food because its got a lot of spices and ingredients that are fattening and not necessarily good for us dogs.

For our Dog food recipe,  Daddy referred to this web-site:  What Daddy liked about this is the simplicity that the web site presents in the presentation of the food.  We've actually seen other sites where it was too complicated.  In pet-grub - you get the meat product, heat it and then serve it to your pet.  Initially,  we tried raw.  I liked it in the first couple of weeks - then it gave me an upset stomach.  So I stopped eating it.  So - Daddy started cooking the meat.  He just had to add digestive products into the food to make sure that I can eat it properly.  

So what has been the effect of eating homemade pet food for Char Siew and me?  Today - I feel more beautiful.  I no longer have the red spots that I used to have.  Moreover - the waist is coming back.  This makes me wonder if I can join the beauty contest that I wanted to join?  Or maybe - I can start auditioning for TV and print commercials.   Look at these new photos - and let me know --- do you think I will make it?

The Regal sit-stance of the Beagle

A neck that Goes on and On like a Giraffe

And of Course - The Puppy Dog Eyes


  1. You're definitely gorgeous enough to win a beauty contest! My mom agrees wholeheartedly! :)

  2. Thank you Laney. And thank your mom too :D.