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Snooping with Lomo Lomo

I have more pictures taken using Lomo Lomo.  I think i prefer this over Instagram, or the first Lomo-type camera app: Instagram.

Look closely at the truck.  You will see a man lying down on the flatbed.  This was taken at 3:00 PM. I thought we had a seatbelt law in the Philippines? 

The windmill is from Ilocos.  The toiletries are from a Hotel in Japan.  One of the Queens likes these mini bottles so on business trips I bring home a couple days worth of them.

Can you tell that the owner of this Bathroom is gay?  By the way - this is not my bathroom.

More tolietries - this time from Manila Hotel.  

Scrub your dead skin cells away.  Actually - I don't like using this bathroom.  It reminds me of the Psycho Shower scene.

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