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Beagoating Burberry

It was another lazy Sunday afternoon.

Then suddenly - I found an exciting toy to play with.

It's Daddy's sunglass case.  It's Pretty and Durable.  And they're from Burberry.

Then I got busted.  Daddy caught me.

So he took it away from me.  Hmph.

He saw that I was sad.  So he gave me this rubber slipper.

No way.  I don't want to Beagoat your non-Designer flip-flops.

I will just be vigilant.  Till I see another designer item to Beagoat.
Hmmm ... D&G Bag.   Nom-nom-nom.

Blogger's Note:  A Guest post from Midori the Beagle


  1. Or how about actual dog toys? Do you like to chew on those? :)

  2. Uh oh - a Burberry case would be a no-no in our house too!

  3. Hi Lori and Laney - thank you both for your comments. I do have toys. But they are not enough. I've actually destroyed a lot of items in the house - and not all of them are designer items --- but some of them are expensive. One of the humans in the house says that I ever destroy her Prada shoes - I will be banished forever. So Daddy makes sure that those shoes are kept safe away from me.

    I actually posted my Chewaholic tendencies in a post last year. To be honest - I blame it on Daddy for leaving me unsupervised while I was a puppy. So now - i though every item is a Beagoat item.