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Busboys and Bokeh

Char Siew and I were at Bonifacio High st.  We were both tired.  It was a really hot afternoon - signaling the start of summer in Manila.  I decided to take a break - and give Char Siew a break as well.  We were there till the sun set.  When I was having my dessert - I started to play with my camera ( a Sony NEX 5 ).  I faced one part of the square - and just waited till I find something interesting.   These are the two photos that I took.  Too bad - I could not get them in focus.  LOL.  I know - one of them is actually meant to be Bokeh ( Japense for blurred ).  But I do wish the busboys photo was focused.

Bonifacio High Street Bokeh

Bonifacio High St. Busboys


  1. The busboy photo is still a really pleasant photo, regardless. An interesting glimpse into a relaxing moment on the clock.

  2. Thank you for visiting. And thank you for leaving those kind worcs. Btw. I checked out your site and you take awesome photos. Just makes your comment really great to receive.