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Char SIew at Italianni's

I'm a Chinese Shar Pei - and I'm named after the Chinese Barbecued Pork Bun ( Char Siew Pao ).  However - my favorite food is Italian.  So I tag along with Dad when he goes to Italian restaurants.  Last weekend,  we were at Italianni's.

First thing first - I needed to hydrate.  It was a hot afternoon.  So it's always wise to bring along a water bottle.  It is also important to stay in the shade.

Daddy brought our water bottle. He also asked the waiter for cold water from the resto.
Daddy didn't make me eat all of the dishes.  He said that human food - especially processed meat is not good for us.  I of course am wondering how it can be bad for us - but he continues to eat it.  If it's bad for dogs --- shouldn't it be bad for humans too?   The most that I got to eat is the Foccacia which I prefer over Pan de Sal and Steamed Buns.  I also got to lick some of the Tartuffo sauce while dad was not looking.  As for dessert - I hear Chocolate and Walnut is toxic to dogs so I skipped dessert.

Foccacia.  Yummy

Fetuccini with Tartuffo Sauce and Prosciutto 

Panna Cota with Honey and Walnut

So that was what we had at Italianni's.  I don't care if I was not able to eat everything.  At least I was able to taste that heavenly sauce.  When we got back to our house - the ground beef dinner was waiting for me.  I wish they put truffle oil on that ground beef.  Anyways - never mind -- at the end of the day - I was one happy Shar Pei.

Happy Shar Pei
Blogger's Note: This is a guest post from Char Siew the Shar Pei

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