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Char Siew is Back from Boarding School

I am back from Boarding School.  I was at the Rak-K9 Obedience School for dogs operated by Dog Trainer Gio Marcelo.  I was there for two weeks.   When daddy picked me up, I heard him say - I'm the same Char Siew - but better.  This is different from how he described big Sister Midori.  He actually said that after the boarding school experience - sister Midori was an entirely new dog.  She was very quiet and was actually afraid of Daddy.  I am still my energetic self after school.  However - I don't pull on the leash anymore and I keep my position when I'm told to.

I lost a bit of weight - so Daddy wants to fatten me up.   The only way he could think of doing that is to take me to Grandmother's house.  She gave me noms.  I think I had too much nom and I now have an upset stomach.

Midori is happy that I'm back.  Daddy tried to see if he is now able to command us into staying still and not horsing around with each other.  It seems like he can - because for some reason - when he shouts NO - I stop whatever I am doing.   Midori seems to recognize that word too.

So - I'm back at the house of queens.  I'm happy that I am.  I missed every citizen of the Queendom.

Showing off my Down position.

Cousin Aliyah is no longer Afraid of me because I'm well behaved.

I missed sleeping on this floor.  No more sleeping inside a crate.

Time to check if I can Heel properly.  Daddy said - I did it really well.

Since I graduated from Obedience School,  Like Midori - I am now a Philippine Stock Exchange Guardian.

I know I learned a lot from training but I'm just really happy to be home.


  1. Glad you're back safe and sound! I'm sure your family missed you even more than you missed them!

  2. Char Siew the Shar PeiApril 11, 2011 at 7:44 PM

    Hi Laney. Daddy is letting me respond to you directly. Now that I've "graduated" from school - I don't need him to type for me :D.

    Thank you for your comment. Happy to have you checking in our blog. I think Daddy, Midori and I just missed each other so much. But it had been really bad for me because it was my first time to be away from home. When Midori was a baby, Daddy will leave her with Grandpa and Grandma. That never happened to me --- I never knew any other place to sleep in - apart from our house. So it was a big shocker for me. I actually lost weight.

    I've been back for a couple of days - the first couple of days - I had an upset stomach. I think I'm recovered now. Happy to be eating real meat instead of the dog food I had to eat while I was in school.

    Hope you're doing great Laney.