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EVCO from Green Palette

I wrote about the Scalp Therapy oil that I buy from Green Palette in a previous post.  I continue to use the product and it continues to be effective in controlling flakes on my scalp.  Note that I also get flakes on my eye brows - so I also tried applying it on my eye brows.  As I did this, I noticed that it also helped in controlling pimples and other skin blemishes that I continue to have - even though I'm well beyond puberty.   So I started using the Scalp Therapy oil on my face.  I also tried using it on other parts of my body which continue to suffer from acne.  I was so surprised that it also controlled acne on my back, shoulders and neck.

This prompted me to visit the Green Palette store at the Salcedo Market last weekend.  This time - I asked for a product that can be used for my face and my body.  The owner - Marissa Siojo-Marfil - recommended that I use the Lime Massage Oil.  It still has Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - but it's a more appropriate product to use on your skin.

I've been using it for the past couple of days - and I actually think it is as effective as the Scalp Therapy oil.

BTW -- I'm not the only one who use products from Green Palette.  Midori and Char Siew use the Pet soap which is also made of EVCO and Madre de Cacao.  I also buy a pet balm that I rub on their coat which helps in keeping it shiny and control the occasional flakes that Midori has.

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